Level 1 Individual Audio Track with Dr. Pang’s Voice Download (MP3)


**MP3 files cannot be downloaded directly to Apple devices.
Audio CD does not contain pictures.

Dr. Pang’s voice in Chinese with English voice over, not for beginners.

Tr 1. Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down Method 30 Min.

Tr 2. Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down Method 45 Min.

Tr 3. Lift Qi Up & Pour Qi Down Method 60 Min.

Tr 4. LCUPCD and 3-CM Combo 45 Min

Tr 5. LCUPCD and 3-CM Combo 60 Min

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Audio Track with Dr. Pang's Voice

Track 1. Lift Qi Up 30 Min, Track 2. Lift Qi Up 45 Min, Track 3. Lift Qi Up 60 Min, Track 4. Combo 45 Min, Track 5. Combo 60 Min